Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Summer is...

for exploring

for dreaming

for taking a break

This summer I'm finally taking that stained glass class I've often thought about signing up for...but just never got around to it...And, now that I'm all registered, have delivered the non-refundable class deposit and found a friend to drag along with me...well, I'm not all that keen to go...

See, part of me thinks I want to be in the middle of things~a full calendar, a Herculean to-do list, and just on absolutely everyone's speed dial. Did I watch the Enjoli commercial too many times in my impressionable youth? But, the part of me that likes to spend long days without even answering the phone dreads having those calendar notations Inked In instead of faintly etched in No. 2.

It can be irritating to have this two personas continually poking at one another like me and my younger brothers on the way to our summer stay with my the back of the Ford Pinto wagon...with crappy air conditioning...and a monster hump in the center of the backseat that got hot after several hours of interstate driving...maybe I should try and figure out where the Stay (ed) Home Little Piggy is coming from...or maybe I should see what is up with Vunder Voman...but not this summer

Summer isn't...for self-analysis other than the shallow kind at the make-up counter trying to find a stellar new eye shadow to play off that summer glow

for trying to be a Role Model except in the areas of Extensive Hammock Use, Chilling Wine to Enjoy on Long Summer Evenings, and Making Warm Memories with Family and Friends (note: memories involving too much sun, too much beer, long-standing family feuds, and/or the sheriff showing up aren't the memories I'm talking about)

for House Improvement projects and endless lists that suck up summer weekends and extra cash while fall's short days and winter's longer nights are just a handful of spins around the clock's face away

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