Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're The Proud New Parents

of Samantha!

Many thanks to Lorraine for posting about the chimp sanctuary...I decided I'd much rather
have a bouncing 19-year-old baby chimp than that new laptop I don't really need ('cause, yes, I do lay around on my large behind too much as it is...)...and I believe DH is thinking about adopting Elway...


Lorraine said...

OH wow!! I am so honored that I was the one who informed you about the Save the Chimps sanctuary!!
That is really beautiful.
Thank you for sponsoring!!
I am sending you a big hug!

Lorraine said...

me again...
What touched you about Samantha?
Elway is really cute.

Miss Char said...

Elway looks happy over the adoption!

Susie Q said...

I love this!! What a wonderful idea!

it's all about the journey...